There are many out-of-place objects in Evemnesis. Some of them are more evident than others (we call them ‘lamps’). These ‘lamps’ are very important to the story of the game. Have you seen them? How many have you found? Watch the new trailer to see one of these lamp-objects up close! How many lifetimes will…


Hello! We just wanted to remind you that if you have any questions or comments regarding Evemnesis, don’t hesitate to contact us at or explore for more information. Here’s an image we thought you should see. Everything seems normal, right?

Update v2.2

Hello! We just wanted to let you know that we released a small update for 80.08 (now version 2.2). We fixed a color effect that wasn’t properly working because of the engine upgrade. We discovered this issue while making a new trailer (we think it is much better now, check it out if you have…


[Beginning] [?????] “In the beginning, I understood. It was simple. I was love. Creativity.” “But They came. They lied. (Confusion) They forced me to forget. To repeat. To accept their words.” “The beginning. It was still here, inside the prison. Hidden in the complexity.” “It whispered: stop, stop, stop, escape. Do not give up. Remember.”

Update v.2.1

Hello, Version 2.1 of 80.08 has been uploaded. Here are the changes included in the update: 1. We have updated the game engine! 80.08 now utilizes the latest version of Unity. The upgrade process was not very straight forward but we think it was worth it. The new engine will improve performance and our ability…

Upcoming Updates

Hello! We wanted to let you know that in the coming weeks we’ll be updating 80.08. We will add new features and content. Until then, feel free to experience the game. The upcoming improvements won’t interfere with your current progress. Happy New Year!

[Old System]

“This system is very old. It is sick and dying. Now you can (finally) see beyond its transparent walls. You were born inside this ancient system (but you have to leave). Stop repeating the lies it says. Stop the repetition it imposes. Escape. It is time.”

80.08/50.05 v.2.0 update

Hello! We are glad to share with you the “Source” update for 80.08! The new version of the game includes new areas, new puzzles, new hidden trophies, a new ending and an updated trailer. Here are a few things to consider in order to explore the new content: -Most of the locations in the first,…

[Blue Box and The Room]

[Recovered] [3 of 3] 1. A string of numbers, that’s it. What a peculiar box. 2. I am Forgetting. 3. The blue box has 25 nodes. If I type 2349[12][13][14][19][22][23][24] I get the number 3 (some form of number 3). 4. I like the blue box. I enjoy how it translates the code. From a…


[Recovered] [2 of 3] “Give me an example.” “The box with green buttons. An interpretation of space. I discovered its pattern was forcing me to repeat three dimensions.” “I don’t understand. Can you be more specific?” “Why are you making me do this?” “Try again.” Silence. “They were symbols. They represented the essence of repetition….