[Recovered] [1 of 3]

“Somehow (I can’t remember the details) I am inside my own mind. This ‘voyage’ is supposed to help me heal many past traumas. The materialized confusion of this place (strange documents, languages, objects) represents an extremely simplified interpretation of my thoughts. Nonetheless, the unusual documents and abstract shapes (the product of simplification) are allowing me to remember a mission. The ‘beings’ that appear to be the center of this reality are infected ideas that need to be understood. Most of the ‘beings’ are the essence of a particular thought pattern that repeats itself.

As I continue the journey hoping to escape this version of myself, I wonder if there’s something more to what I am doing. What if this ‘experiment’ is not what it seems. What if this ‘space’ is also a type of ‘being’?”

area (640x389)

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