[Blue Box and The Room]

[Recovered] [3 of 3]

1. A string of numbers, that’s it. What a peculiar box.

2. I am Forgetting.

3. The blue box has 25 nodes. If I type 2349[12][13][14][19][22][23][24] I get the number 3 (some form of number 3).

4. I like the blue box. I enjoy how it translates the code. From a string of numbers to a symbol. From the symbol to an interpretation. From interpretation to action.

5. It’s just code. A simple list of numbers. I’m being manipulated by a hidden list of values. How is that possible? Why does 2349[12][13][14][19][22][23][24] mean pressing button x?

6. I wonder if the numbers on the console have a similar effect. What does 50.05 create? Am I living the story built with 80.08?

7. Story.

Story Room.




11 (640x360)

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