Update v.2.1


Version 2.1 of 80.08 has been uploaded. Here are the changes included in the update:

1. We have updated the game engine! 80.08 now utilizes the latest version of Unity. The upgrade process was not very straight forward but we think it was worth it. The new engine will improve performance and our ability to deliver future updates.

2. The font used to display the Symbol-Language has been changed. There were some letters that weren’t working properly with the previous font and we also felt that some symbols needed a more well-defined look.


3. When you select a destination in the Map screen, the button will turn green in order to remind you of your choice (you had to remember your selection before).


4. We also added a new visual mode. Press the ‘Esc’ key and click on the symbol in the upper left corner to trigger the effect. The new ‘look’ is a little more darker and has more defined colors and edges. Try it out in different areas to see the difference. If you wish to turn off the new visual mode, press the ‘Esc’ key and click on the same symbol one more time.



5. The colors in the title screen have been altered to match the engine update (we think it looks better).

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