Update v1.1

Hello everyone,

We have updated Evemnesis! The new version is 1.1. Here are the main changes:

The game now loads directly into the main screen and you can see the version of the game on the lower left corner.


The story at the beginning of the game no longer advances on its own. We have included a “next” button to give more control to the player (you can take any time you want to read the dialogue).


Lastly, we added the same type of dialogue-control described above to another section of the game. We will not give you specifics in case you haven’t discovered that area. Hint:


Most of the fixes in the update are related to parts of the game where the player had to wait a couple of seconds to watch a brief cutscene or read dialogue. Some computers were taking more time than usual to execute the required actions. With version 1.1 we hope to create a more uniform experience across platforms.

Let us know if you encounter any issues with the update! Write a comment here or send us an email at support@cloudscapegt.com

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