Update v2.3

We’ve uploaded version 2.3 of 80.08! This update focuses on gameplay improvements. Here’s the summary of the changes:

1. We have added two new elements to the User Interface. The first one is called ‘Symbol Translator’ and can be found in the middle of the upper left side of the screen, next to the ‘Visual Profile’ button.


When activated, the Symbol Translator will display on the lower left corner of the screen the hidden symbol ‘inside’ an interactive object. For instance, you could approach one of the Beings and left click one of its interactive objects to learn what symbol is hidden inside of it.


Although the Symbol Translator is not necessary to learn the symbols of all the Beings (there are clues in the Main Hub and inside the Manual), it could be very helpful in case you are missing some data.

2. The second new element is the ‘Help’ option. This button is located next to the Symbol Translator and it’s designed to help you ‘skip’ some of the Cage-Beings. When you encounter one of these challenges, check if the Help button is active and then click it to enable the Help Process.


3. The Selection Screen has also been updated to reflect the new elements of the User Interface.

A reminder: some locations on the main map have two paths, don’t forget to visit them all!


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