After […]

Near the start of Evemnesis, the Cyclical Searching System let’s you know where you are and what your mission is (more or less). The explanation reads that you are in a place where Beings go after…and then there is a “[…]”

after01-mq (eng)

After what?

Sometimes, the words not spoken are more suggestive than a clear message. Imagine we try to substitute the […] with a concept, how would that change our perception of that place?

After…a visit to another planet?

After…losing the ability to remember?

After…knowing a particular truth?

Maybe (?) later in the story the Cyclical Searching System will tell you what the […] means. Or maybe you will find out regardless of what the System decides to do. Or maybe…

What do you think it means? And why is it a place of no return?

after01-mq (alt02)

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